Steve Harvey Portrayed As Racist By Hollywood Reporter

Comedian Steve Harvey stopped by Trump Tower today to throw his support behind the President-elect’s efforts to improve lives in the inner cities led up by HUD nominee Dr. Ben Carson.

Harvey released a Twitter statement in regards to the meeting:

“Our president (Obama) asked that all of us sit down and talk to one another in order to move our country forward… the transition teams on both sides asked me to meet and I’m glad I did.

I found him in our meeting both congenial and sincere. Trump wants to help with situations in the inner cities so he immediately got Dr. Ben Carson on the phone to put us together to begin dialogue in looking at programs and housing to help our inner cities and he’s very open to my mentoring efforts across the country.

I walked away feeling like I had just talked with a man who genuinely wants to make a difference in this area. I feel that something really great could come out of this… I would sit with him anytime.”

It didn’t take long for the fake news cycle to get out a hit piece on Harvey for daring to work with Trump. When word broke a couple days ago that Harvey might meet with Trump, racial themed pieces started trickling in. The liberal Hollywood Reporter put out a hit piece today calling Harvey’s jokes “racist”.

According to THR’s Rebecca Sun, “Last week, Steve Harvey aired a segment on his eponymous syndicated talk show about obscure, absurdly specific advice books. These were niche interest titles like Dating for Under a Dollar: 301 Ideas and How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men.

The audience laughed at the latter book in anticipation as Harvey took 15 seconds to gather himself. “That’s one page,” he finally gasped. “’Excuse me, do you like Asian men?’ ‘No.’ ‘Thank you.’”

The writer then goes on an unsupported tirade of how silly jokes have caused real harm to people over the years, tracing this one back to 1800’s.

Steve Harvey of course hasn’t changed his joke style in the past few weeks, he’s the same great comedian he has been for years. In all these years the mainstream media never had an issue with his jokes before today, the only thing that has changed is he has offered to work together with the income President to help make America great again.

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